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Little Bay Clubhouse, South Side Little Bay, Montserrat 1120

Tel +1(664)-392-9255, email aquamontserrat@gmail.com

Fish ‘N Fins is AQUA Montserrat’s non–profit organisation which teaches children to swim and snorkel in a fun and safe environment. Our ocean-focused activities outline the ways in which global communities rely on the ocean, identify threats marine environments face, as well as emphasise the need to protect the ocean.

Our mission: To inspire awareness and respect for our oceans, and create knowledgeable, passionate ocean stewards that will be future leaders in ocean conservation.

We actively engage kids through hands-on experiences that spark their imagination and take them on ocean adventures they'll never forget.


Our activities include investigating marine habitats, creating ocean art, engaging in community projects, exploring ocean-based careers, learning about coastal heritage,and practicing sea safety (such as CPR and First Aid).


Fore more information check our dedicated webpage for Fish'N Fins.